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Manufacturing technologies/facilities

Kakusan Food Co., Ltd. works at accumulating manufacturing techniques and know-how at all times to meet the needs of all customers. We actively invest in our facilities, aspiring to enhance product quality and production efficiency.

Main facilities

Blending potBlending pot

We have a lineup of pots of various capacities, ranging from 150 L to 1500 L, to blend, heat and cool raw materials. We use different pots depending on the purpose and quantity of manufacturing.
As for the clinoaxis kneader with its strong agitation power, we have one unit of 800 L and five units of 1500 L to manufacture products of uniform and stable quality.

   Blending pot Blending pot
  1500 L kneader / 800 L kneader
Automatic filling machine
  (PET bottle, Can type 4)
Automatic filling machine

This machine fills a fixed amount of products into PET bottles and can type 4. It fills precise amount of products at high temperature under a hygienic condition. The machine can fill PET containers of 500 ml, 1.0 L, and 1.8 L, as well as can type 4.

   Automatic filling machine
   Filling of can type 4
Automatic filling machineAutomatic filling machine (18 L can)

The machine is able to fill the precise amount at high temperature. After the filling, it can also tighten the cap automatically.

   Automatic filling machine (18 L can) Automatic filling machine (18 L can)
Automatic supplying machine for 18 L square cans
Cooling machine for 18 L cansCooling machine for 18 L cans

Products that have been filled at high temperature need to be cooled down quickly. This machine cools down 18 L cans after filling them at over 90°C to below 40°C within five minutes to maintain the product quality.

   Cooling machine  
Desalination machineDesalination machine

Analyze the salt content by computer, and desalinate the fish extracts, etc. to the targeted salinity.

Plate-type sterilization machinePlate-type sterilization machine

Maintain the quality of products by quickly pasteurizing heat-tolerant bacteria, such as spore forming bacteria, at 120°C and by cooling.

Membrane separation deviceMembrane separation device

Separate high and low molecular components using a membrane.

   Membrane separation deviceMembrane separation device  
Flash-type vacuum concentration machineFlash-type vacuum concentration machine Flash-type vacuum concentration machine

We concentrate extracts in a low-temperature, low-pressure environment. We can also concentrate foamable extracts effectively to maintain the quality of their flavor.

Small spray drierSmall spray drier

We manufacture extract powder mainly for fish extracts.
We can accommodate production ranging from small quantities of samples to high-mix low-volume production.

High-speed filling machine for small bagsHigh-speed filling machine for small bags

Using six high-speed filling machines, we can fill a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 5 g to 600 g.
We can maintain the hygiene of the products as the filling is conducting at the clean booth. Products are water-cooled right after the filling.
We also provide OEM manufacturing.

   High-speed filling machine for small bags High-speed filling machine for small bags
High-speed filling machine / Water-cooling line
Heating cooling homogenizerHeating cooling homogenizer

1,500L heating-cooling Homogenizer Σ

Filter pressFilter press

Filter press machine

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