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Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

Are the oyster extracts and other products available at supermarkets and retail shops?
Our products are mostly for business use. They are not available at general supermarkets and retail shops. (Except for online shopping on our website.)

How are the oyster extracts manufactured?
We use oyster juice, which is extracted by boiling fresh oysters. We heat and extract the juice, adjust the concentration and salinity using our blending know-how, and produce the end products.

What materials are used for seafood extracts other than oysters?
Scallops, clams, fish, mussels, kelp and other materials.

When do oyster extracts and other products expire?
The oyster extracts and oyster sauce products are best used within one year from production. Once you open the bottle, please keep it in a refrigerator and consume the product as soon as possible.

What products do you manufacture as OEM manufacturing?
For soup, sauce, and dipping sauce products, we manufacture them in sizes ranging from small packages of 5 g to large quantities of approx. 600 g. We have ample experience in manufacturing highly tenacious products and oily products.
As for seafood extracts, we manufacture a wide variety of healthy food products that features the rich nutrition of oysters. Please contact our sales department for details.

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